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Hay Testing

All hay products Low Places Ranch makes or receives in are sent out for nutrition testing.

If you are not a current hay customer of ours, we can schedule a visit to test your hay.

Hay is the foundation of a good nutrition program, but horse owners are often left to the sight, smell and touch of hay to “assume” the quality. Low Places Ranch believes that you don’t need to be left “assuming” when making important grain & supplement choices for your trusted companion.

Why is hay testing important?

  • Hay is the foundation of the diet & provides 50-90% of the horse’s total nutrients
  • Protein & fiber values are an important factor in balancing the equine diet- and these values will vary widely by state, county, field and cutting.
  • Needed to calculate digestible energy (DE) and calorie content in your hay.
  • Balancing your horse’s diet – “what’s in your hay” should be telling you what feed and/or supplements to be using!